Welcome to my website!

I am Apolline Leclerc, naturopath. I have a scientific background, and studied engineering and sustainable management. I am passionate about how the human body works and natural health.

I am here to help you keep or recover a good health and well-being, with naturopathics techniques and also foot reflexology and Thai massages.

I guide you so that you know what your needs are, regarding nutrition, health lifestyle, and possibly support of herbal medicine.

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a traditional medicine which promotes self-healing mechanisms.  The French Naturopathic Federation (FENA) defines it as “A global approach of the human and his health. It considers the person as unique in its environment and in all extent: biological, physiological, psychological, and emotional.”

Naturopatic principles are:

  • First, Do No Harm (primum non nocere)
  • Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrixnaturae)
  • Treat the Cause (tollecausam)
  • Treat The Whole Person (tolletotum)
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

(source: World Naturopathic Federation: http://worldnaturopathicfederation.org/)

How does it work?

Naturopathy is in first place a technique which aims to prevent diseases and educate to health and self-healing (or “homeostasy”). The naturopath looks for underlying causes of unbalance and gives advices to sustain “vital force” rather than treating a symptom (which is what medicine does).


Naturopathy uses natural techniques: mainly nutrition, physical activity, emotional balance, also other tools such as aromatherapy, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, massages…

The person is considered as unique, with his own history, environment, constraints.

Why should you see a naturopath ?

Naturopathy is aimed at everyone, of all ages. You can consult for many reasons:

  • Review your diet, your  health lifestyle
  • Handle your fatigue, emotions, stress, anxiety or even burn-out
  • Improve your sleep
  • Face a big change in your life
  • Improve your digestion
  • Support your immune system
  • Manage your weight
  • Metabolic troubles
  • Female health
  • Chronic diseases

I am not a doctor so I don’t give any medical treatment and do not substitute to a medical appointment.


First naturopathic appointment: 60€ (1:30 to 1:45)

Following consultations: 50€ (about 1 hour)

Foot reflexology: 50€ (about 1 hour)

Thai massage: 70€ (1:30 to 1:45)


You can either contact me:

  • By phone : (033)
  • By email : apolline.naturo(a)mailo.com
  • With the contact form found on the main page.